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C is a Procedure Oriented programming language. It is basic programming language those pepole want to make theier carrier in the sector of software development, Embeded system, Artificial Inteligence they should must learn c language.

Data structure (DS) isnot a programming language, it is used to generate concept of programming.

We provide C and DS Training according to current Market Demand. Our Specialist Trainer conduct the class and explore new ideas and experience in proper declarative way.CBA Infotech, is one of the leading institute in the field of C and DS Training and other Appliction Development Training in Gurdaspur & Jaipur.


Introduction of Programming language

  • Overview of C or C++ programming
  • Algorithm writing
  • Flow chart creation
  • Logic Building

Sequential Data Structure

  • Array Representation
  • Stack and it’s operation
  • Queue and it’s operation

Dynamic List representation

  • Pointer concept
  • Linked List and it’s type
  • Polynomial representation

Searching and sorting

  • Searching and sorting logic building
  • Linear and Binary search
  • Insertion, Selection, quick, Heap, Merge, Bucket sorts
  • Performance calculation

Tree and Graph

  • Tree introduction
  • Binary tree, B-Tree, Threaded Tree
  • Binary search Tree
  • Tree traversal
  • Graph Introduction
  • Adjacent matrix
  • Graph Traversal (BFS, DFS)
  • Shortest Path Algorithm

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